Frank Sakser (1859-1937), journalist and publisher, migration agent and banker. He moved to New York in 1892 and after his financial downfall during the Great Crisis, he returned to Ljubljana impoverished. His life carries both American fates, the story of success and the story of ruin. From 1909 on, he had premises at Cortlandt Street 82 where the seat of the weekly Glas naroda was, which he had been publishing since 1894.
On the back side of the postcard an information is printed, informing Slovene returnees to homeland that ship tickets can be bought in his office.

  He is informing Maximilian Semich in Rock Springs (1920), Wyoming, on possibilities and conditions for returning home.   Frank Sakser’s envelope.   Frank Sakser’s money-order form.  
Postal money-order form of F. Sakser with his data.   Money-order from America that Ane Perne in Kaplja vas in Carniola received (1913) with the mediation of F. Sakser.   An illustration at the death of Frank Sakser, March 30th 1937.    

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