Advertising poster of the agent Fran Seunig from Ljubljana for steamships of the Hamburg-Amerike Linie company. On it he announces a considerable price cutting.  
  The period at the turn of the century was signified with diverse advertising materials. That was a “golden” period of postcards and colour printed brochures and posters. Ljubljana at the time was covered with advertising cylinders, boards and various posters. Today we know many of them only from photographs; the majority were destroyed by time. Advertisements were sent by post as well, among them advertisements for emigration. Let us have a look at some of them.
A poster of the agency Silvio Nodari from Videm (the end of the 19th century).   The first page with an image of F. Missler, Bremen, Bahnhofstrasse 30; on the back page a message to emigrants from Carniola nad Goriška. Missler advises them not to buy tickets in Ljubljana but in his agency in Bremen.   The first and the second page of an older advertising folder of Edvard Tavčar from Ljubljana.   A colour folder from the agent Edvard Tavčar from Ljubljana for travelling to New York in a third class cabin on the steamship George Washington.  
A picture postcard of the company Austro-Americana, the sole Austrian shipping company with its seat in Trieste.   Cunard: the fastest way around the world from ports of Southampton, Cherbourg and New York by steamships Mauretaina, Berengaria and Aquitania.   A poster of the company Cynard Line in German language.   A card of the company Rommel & Co. from Basel in Slovene language. Every emigrant arriving in Basel with this company was to have behind the hat a ribbon or in hand the mentioned card so the agent could recognise them easier.  
Razpoznavni trak Edvarda Kristana iz blaga v beli in zeleni barvi (barve mesta Ljubljane).   Razpoznavni papirni znak (prednja stran), ki ga je nosil izseljenec za trakom klobuka, izseljenka pa pripetega na prsi. Na zadnji strani je v slabi slovenščini in hrvaščini pisalo: »Ko pridite na kolodver V Buks pokazite tó Karto in Klicite ime Bihel / U Buksu na Kolodvoru treba ovu kartu pokazati i ime Bihel Zvati.«          

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